About me!

My name is Linda, and I live in the south of Sweden. 

In 1994 I meet, my very first Siamese in person. Back than it wasnt that common, with siamese in Sweden. At list not in the part of Sweden, were I grow up in. 

But when I went through stuff from me childhood, I found pictures of siamese. I have always been very interested in cats. I have loved siamese from very early age. 

I stayed one year living with the breed 1994.  A seal point male, named Jashua, and a blue point male called Platnum. I was blown away by their, personality, curiosity, type, temperament and humility. And beyond that, their beauty. Siamese have had a big place in my heart, ever since. No other breed could ever take that place. 

My desire to breed Siamese, has been very strong, for many years. After several years of searching, I first got in contact with my dear friend, Louis Azcarate, Permes Cats in the U.S.A.  That's how it all started. With support, my dream came to a reality. I started out with Traditional siamese cats.  American lines, with a little splash from Germany inside. I do not breed the Traditional style anymore. I am concentrating on the modern purebreed, CFA type now. 

A couple of year have  past, and I enjoying  bringing kittens to the world. I have meet so many sweet pet buyers, and many of them are my friends today. I enjoy keeping in tuch with the new owners. To see and here about my cats as adults, are a true joy. 

Breeding Siamese and Oriental together, is not something I support or do. I belive in keeping the Siamese purebreed.
My Siamese have no oriental,  or Balinese in the pedigree. CFA is strict, and doesn't support mixed breed. Very few breeder in Sweden, are breeding pure Siamese. I have not come across anyone that do so in Sweden. Very few breeders are breeding purebreed in Europe.  Most of them mix Siamese, Balinese, and Oriental. 

I have always liked the American CFA type Siamese. I have under the years looked at webpages, and pictures. I love to read, and read anything that has to to with the breed. I came across a website, Geishagoll siamese. I contacted her, and told her about my future breeding plans. Connie was so kind,  and helpful, and became a really good friend. I am so happy and proud, to work with Connie. She goes out of her way to help me, with a great breeding program. 

In March 2016, me and my daughter took a trip to Salt Lake City, to pick up Geishagoll Akoya.  We stayed with Connie, ans got to meet her cats, and saw how loved and cared for the cats are. Akoya is  a dream cat! Both stunning and so loving. I can´t wait to see what Akoya will produse! I am so proud over him, and his development. He is a stunning male, with a huge heart, and great personality. 

Dianne Alexy, at Alexys Siamese in North Carolina, is a very special person to me. Dianne has been so kind, and have tought me so much.
She is a beautiful person, and have the most beautuful siamese in the world! I can often tell by looking at a pictures of a siamese, if it is a Alexy siamese. They have a special look and apperiance, that I really love. I am so thankful for Diannes honesty and advise. 
I have looked at Diannes cats for a long time, dreaming about, having my very own Alexy cat one day. 

In early February 2017, my dream became a reality. I went all the way to North Carolina, to pick up my beautiful lilac point female.
Dianne and Bruce are so nice and helpful. I saw Magnolia, for the very first time, I know I was heading in the right direction, with my future breeding program. This girl was all I ever wished for, and more! Magnolia is my very first CFA registered female.
I am so extremly proud over owning a siamese from Dianne. Magnolia has become my very best friend. She is always by my side.
I love her dearly. And now, one year later, I went to Charlotte again, and picked up another little princess. She is a sealpoint female, with a fun and outgoing personility. This girl is a little trouble maker. She gets in to everything! Liberty is such a cuddle baby. Just look at her, and she will jump up on your shoulder and purr... 

Animals, especially cats, dogs and horses have always been a part of my life. I can't live without them. Cats gives me peace of mind, and true joy in my heart. 

To breed cats, came very natural for me. That dream has been with me in my life a long time.  I now concentrating on the breed my heart belongs, the Siamese.

Our cats live with us in our villa. We don´t ever use cages! Is it unfortunate that the male begins to spray, his stud career will not be so long with us. We are able to separate our stud, for a short period if nessesary.. But he has always accompanied.
The studs room, in a nice large room, attached to our house. It's not a bad room. It's one of the nicest rooms in our home. We keep the number of cats down. We never have more than 3-6  breeding cats at the same time in our home. 

Over the past few years, even my husband, Jimmy, taken an interest in cats. He is present and helps with kitten birth, those first 12-16 weeks of the kittens lives, feeds, cleans and scrubs litter boxes, etc. Cats spend quality time with Jimmy in the evenings, they help him work on the house, and keeps him company in front of the TV :)

We do this together. And our children help sooo much. Our kittens are used to beeing carefully handeled, and spoiled with hugs, and kisses. The cats are very loved and pampered by all of us. They are our family.

Please contact me with questions or interest in our cats and kittens!